42″ (106.7 cm) Z Master® 8000 Direct Collect Z (74315)

Brand: Toro

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Every landscape professional has customers that are particular about the way their properties look after they?ve been mowed. Often the properties are equally demanding, with short runs, tight turns, trees, flowerbeds, you name it. For high-end properties, a clean, manicured look is everything.

The Z Master? 8000 Series Direct Collect Z gives you that and much more. A powerful blower moves more air, allowing large volumes of material to be thrown into the hopper. The rear-discharge deck lets you trim on either side while keeping flower beds and walkways clipping-free. And the high-capacity collection system helps extend mowing time. With ground speeds up to 11.3 km/h, the 8000 series is the answer for a perfect cut in less time.


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