Atom 586 Super-Pro 2-Stroke Lawn Edger

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Brand: Atom

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Model: Atom 585
Motor: Mitsubishi TLE48FD
Displacement: 48cc
Power: 1.8 Kw (2.4hp)
Fuel: 50:1 ratio petrol and oil mix.
Weight: 9kg (20lbs)
Blades: 271mm (10 2/3?) length
Maximum Cutting Depth: 75mm (3?) Eg for garden plots.
Gear box reduction: 3:54:1 Hardened precision cut steel spiral bevel gears
Wheel: Commercial type rubber tyred with premium sealed ball bearings
Power Drive: Solid precision 12mm diameter shafts with 7 sealed ball bearings
(No belts).
Wheel height adjustment arm with wear proof rubber bushings


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